Monday, February 16, 2009

We did it!!!!

Well, we completed the course and are now enjoying an interesting way to walk( me more than Allan!). The weather was kind to us for the most part, it stayed cool and mainly cloudy, although that sun managed to poke through to bring the temperatures when we were finishing up to the 70's. - darn hot.
I am going to do my copy and paste skills now and try and bring you our official results, if it all goes wrong, Allan will here his naked call to send out a new blog entry for you with the information! so handy having a man in the house who understands these things.
1994 Allan Cochrane Austin TX USA M 40-44 41 M 4:49:08 4:58:54 2760 1852 284
1995 Tamzin Cochrane Austin TX USA F 40-44 42 F 5:05:31 5:15:17 3154 1099 157
You can see from the pictures that The family came out and supported us, and the boys can even say they ran some of the marathon!! Cara was the chauffeur for the day and did sterling work, first she took Allan and I to the start line leaving home at 0645, then back home to get the supporting crew, they set of again and were waiting for us at mile 17, and then cara took them home and came back to be at the finish line to see us through and drive us home.
I am proud of my time as it was half an hour faster than New York in 2006, and 45minutes faster than London. So I am improving!!!
Once we have all sponsor money in I will let you know how much we have raised, so far we are at $810 , but no money is in from my Lloyds account yet, as I am going to move that in one hit next week, still some cheques to clear.

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Abi said...

We always knew you would!! Am so very proud of you both. Well done on getting the time down too. Lots of Love x