Friday, February 13, 2009

So I have missed telling you about the Superbowl

The Superbowl was big out here, and every store that could sold merchandise, the food stores had all sorts of goodies, alcohol being a firm favourite as well, cookies and quick food- dips, chips, BBQ bits and pieces.
We were lucky enough to go to a friends house, Alfred and Laura, along with Jo and Alan, Christie and Thomas, so we all partied, watched the game, ate and drank. That seems to be what is expected, so I did not disappoint them. Cara drove the boys home at 7.45 as it was a school the next day, but the rest of us watched and waited, cheered and ooohhed ( me following the lead as I was no good at following what was going on on the TV!) but fun it was . I now have watched my first Superbowl and will know what to expect next year. The adverts were watched as closely as the game, they are talked about as much after wards as well, big business!

The picture of Cara and Alfred, is Cara in Alfred's bullet proof vest, he is a local Sherriff, and has taken Cara out on a ride along, Cara had to waiver all rights, and got to go on a whole shift with Alfred. Shew loved it. They did a bust on a Meth house, had to call in SWAT, did many things that I will get Cara to put an update on the blog so you all know. Things that make her mum cringe, but my little girl is growing up and wishes to be in the police force, so I had better get use to it!

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