Friday, February 13, 2009

The marathon is this weekend

A huge thank you to all of you who have sponsored Allan and I for the marathon- if you have not yet, worry not you still can, the sponsor page will stay open for a long time. I realise some of you have had problems with the credit card page, but thank you for persevering or sending it to the LloydsTSB a/c.
The marathon organisers worked out that valentines day was the night before, so with a good marketing head on they arranged for runners to be able to have a 'romantic pasta meal for two' at the Hyatt, and all other runners who are going for the Pasta meal will be eating at another location. Well for Allan this meant that for the first time, he had booked our valentines meal last October!! so I will be dining with about 1000 other couples, for a romantic meal. I am looking forward to tomorrow night. On sunday we will be eating Pizza, as I sure Allan and will not be moving much by then, so I have planned the meals for the weekend!! feeling good about that.

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Jo said...

Good Lord you've been busy with the updates! All the best for the marathon this weekend.