Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our ladies Luncheon

Today we went to The Salt Lick, a one of a kind Texan barbecue restaurant. It is famous for its huge barbecue pit that they cook all the meat on, in the picture you can see the 'stoker' putting more wood on the fire. It is a simple layout, huge tables, simple service and a limited menu- great place to go and enjoy yourself and have excellent food. I had arranged for a group of us to meet for lunch there, which was a lot of fun. The Salt Lick is a dry restaurant so we took our own beer and wine, and then ate a lot of meat with sides of coleslaw and potato salad. being Texan portions, we shared two desserts of cobblers-peach and blackberry between the seven of us!!
Cara was not allowed to drink-Texan law not her mothers!, so she kindly drove mum, Jo and I home- we, you see, can drink!!!! next time we might need to car pool more as Londa, Diana and Victoria all drove! We had to make this an early lunch as most of us had children to collect from school, but the day was fun, great company and the conversation flowed like the wine.

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Kim Styles said...

The Salt Lick sounds just my sort of ressy. It reminds me of a project of mine years ago at Aberdeen, Scotland. A super old house with a walled garden and some land not far from the airport came on the market. It had an e-shaped steading complete with indoor water wheel. I had the idea of opening an eatery with no menu.
One arm of the e would be cook-your-own steak, another would be serve your own spag., whilst the third was undecided - My then wife Bill wanted to serve French food there but I thought that would require to much skill unless we went for say, onio soup only. In the event our offer was not accepted. Mr. Marshall, of Marshalls Trailers lives there now.
So wonderful to see you taking America as you find it Tam - it is the only way to get on abroad. When are you running for Mayor of Austin??
c u