Friday, February 13, 2009

The School Valentines parties

The Austin ISD, ( Idependant school district) made February 12th the official day for all schools to hold Valentine parties. It has been another learning curve for us-a very steep one in fact. It was compulsory for the boys to send in a valentine card for everybody in there class, they had to decorate a box for all their cards and goodies to go in and they had class parties, although Alex's class also went to Gatti Town with all the 2nd graders, then came back to school to a class party.
I made every child in both the classes a love heart cookie and decorated them with their names on, but A and B got another load of candy, colouring books, pencils etc. It was amazing what was in these boxes. I will know for next year!
It was also an opportunity for me to take mum down to school and let her meet the teachers and see the classrooms. I believe she was suitably impressed, it is a lovely school.

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