Saturday, February 21, 2009

An update on Mum's visit

I have been taking mum around more tourist sites this week, as we have more time since the marathon is over. On Thursday we went to ladybird Johnson wild flower park. The wild flowers are not really out yet, there will be more on display from March, but it was a beautiful day and we enjoyed popping down there. I had not been and it is very close to where we live, so was good to know for all you future visitors.
On Friday I took mum down to San Antonio to see The Alamo and River walk, it was once again a beautiful day and we had a lot of fun, went on a riverboat tour, we had lunch at one restaurant and then dessert and coffee at another. Lots of fun. It was more steps than mum has had to encounter here and I think her knees were glad of the Pinot Grigio we drank during the day. Certainly a more civilizes day than when we took all four children in July last year.

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