Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday June 16th

We are now on our way again, we are staying with friends for 5 days who live NE of Sacramento, so are driving 4 hours northwards tonight so we can finish the journey tomorrow morning.. Thier two boys ate not expecting us tomorrow , and it is there last day of school and we are the big suprise... Let's hope they are as excited as the two boys in this car!!!

Today has been a fun adventure of animals, seeing, touching and feeding. We did an extra tour to go out into the enclosures and see ' prey not predators' close up. This included feeding a cheeky 2 year old giraffe, which was so much fun. Pictures to follow, they took them as well... Surprise surprise I hear you day, marketing was slick in all the recent venues!!!... Anyway I purchased some and we will scan and post them when we are back home.

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