Monday, June 14, 2010

Our Road Trip..Our excited..

So we started our road trip on Saturday morning..June 12th...and now I am writing from San Diego. This is a picture of the 'boys' at the first comfort break stop we did, into west Texas. the rest area was very pleasant, had about 10 areas for families, with shade, a grill and lots of bins and more than adequate restrooms for us.

We carried on to El Paso, and i will post more pictures from there as well, and stayed with Laura and Alfred, friends from Austin who moved there last summer..some of you will remember Alfred, he is the Sheriff Cara has been out on ridealongs with, and he is in uniform at some of our parties, because he was working, he would pop in to say hi during the party.

From El Paso we traveled into New Mexico, crossed right over it, into Arizona..had lunch at Tucson and then kept on going to California..crossed it to San Diego..where we arrived last night about 6pm local time..we are now two hours behind Texas, crossed mountain time and are now in pacific time zone.

Last night we walked down to the harbour to see the USS midway, which is the ship we are going to explore today and walked back, had Pizza in Sammy's pizza house and went back to the hotel..the boys..we only have the younger ones with us..were so good. anyway, a quick update is what this was, so I am going to publish and try and get some more pictures on the blog for you all.

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