Saturday, June 19, 2010

More on Legoland

Well I have tried to put a selection of photo's on from Legoland..the boys had a blast, they had been saving there allowance for this trip for over 7 months and were soooo ready for this day. They had a great day and went on all did I. I am scared of rollercoasters and decided to just roll with bad can legoland is designed for younger kids..I was WRONG..oh boy. A and B enjoy telling anyone how much I screamed. We have photographic evidence that I was not all that happy.
So the photo's show them on the water play scape..we had trouble getting them away from that amazing contraption, and it had giant buckets that filled up and then tipped over, which is what the photo is trying to show. They went on a pulley system ride, and had to use team work and effort to get them up, we watched a show, with the Legoland firefighter..very funny, but we had to be in the 'you will get wet zone'....they loved some of the giant Lego characters, and then one photo of Mini USA...i love the mini lands they do...I could put a whole section on here of just that, loved it in Windsor, and loved it here..but since this blog is about us and USA am restraining...
They went and got their Legoland driving licenses..which is what Cara and Jack did in Windsor, so am tempted to post when i get home, the photo's of then all getting their licenses, even though Cara was 7 when she got hers and Jack was about the same..
You have a token photo of me on a ride as i am frequently told I am not on the blog enough..that is because i had myself in photo's and I HAVE THE POWER...not to post what i don't want!!!!!

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