Tuesday, June 15, 2010

El Paso

so we arrived in El Paso on Saturday evening, it had been a long boring drive across Texas but the kids had enjoyed there new DVD player and films and no arguments had happened..in fact the first 'are we there yet' came from a friend in England texting us..so funny..made us laugh in the car..

I learnt that El Paso means..The Pass..so obvious when you see it, it literally lies in a break in the mountain range..and would have been a pass for those first traveling across this vast continent.

It is a long and thin town, but has all the trappings of a busy town..all the shops, high rises and traffic you would expect..although for some reason after all the comments I had heard about El Paso, I was expecting a more basic town...I also think it would be defined a city in Texas..so sorry if I got that wrong. Not sure where the other photos have gone I had downloaded..hate computers..will have to find them..one was of laura medical school..the reason she left us in Austin and moved here, one was a huge capital A on the side of the mountain..Alexander is fixated with that, sure it has been put there for him..and one of all the men up the mountains above Laura and Alfred's home, and of course El Paso. well lets try and find those while this posts..ahhhhhhh  com puters

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