Monday, June 21, 2010

Jelly Belly much fun

We went of tot he Jelly Belly factory today..I learnt all sorts of things..jelly belly were making candy well before Jelly Belly..chocolates, candy corn...a whole mixture of candy( sweets for those in UK who are worrying about me right now). They went through the recession and collapsed, but did not give up, and restarted a company again, ..they do not throw away the ones that fall on the floor, they give them to the local farmers for the animals feed, they do not sell the rejects as jelly Belly's they call them Belly flops..I bought a load of them today..just love the name..who wouldn't. The kids had a ball..they enjoyed trying the newest flavour of honey..mum it is lovely..really honey..from now on you need a brandy, a lemon and a honey jelly belly and you will never suffer from a cold again( Tamzin's medical opinion)..and we all know what I think of the medical profession..
I love the name Belly much..have bough a heap..think Cara should give them to the kids on her swim team..not sure they will appreciate it..but I do

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