Tuesday, June 15, 2010

missing photos

so these are the missing photo's, will try harder next time...I am sure it said for me to do that on all my school reports anyway...obviously times have not changed.
Anyway, to sum up our evening in El Paso, much more mountainous than we had expected, seeing Mexico across the river..which by the way is the Rio Grande..which stands for 'great river'..is not great at this point of its journey..it is a pathetic trickle that is no more than ankle deep and only about 15'' wide..so very disappointing...the imagination is much better than reality!!!
Anyway, back to Mexico..there is a shanty town across the river, only feet separate the two countries, but the difference in appearance is stark. We followed Mexico for a lot of our journey to San Diego..will be posting more pictures..had to go through lots of border check points to confirm we were legal..they let us keep going...we obviously look fine..although Allan gets very antagonistic when being questions..he becomes very bullish, even in the airport..nightmare.but they still let us go..one check point suggested we carry all our documentation because we are British citizens, but the others were happy with our American driving license..which needed all the documentation to get...anyway..husband and wife survived the border control check points...just!!!
We ate in an Italian restaurant, always a winner with the boys, and when they are tired and hungry, you need to be thinking ease of a meal..and it worked for all of us.., slept well and were back on the road by 0630.
We had crossed a time zone just before El Paso so were now an hour behind Texas..in New Mexico it stayed the same, but Arizona do not recognise daylight saving, so they were still on pacific time, so when we went there it was back another hour..which we did not realise until we stopped for lunch in Tucson...and the Subway clock was at a different time..another story, am going now..need to get this day going

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