Tuesday, May 4, 2010

so long since I posted..sorry

well, as you know mum came out and visited, and now she has returned home..not hindered by the volcanic ash..but a close run thing. Alex has turned 9 and now Jack is about to be 16 in two days..if I was in UK I could say tomorrow.
The weather has changed from our wettest month April for those planning holidays, to summer in a big way.sun, sun and more sun and we have been in the 90's for the last few days, with our lows not being low at all..in fact higher than the highs in UK..so all is dandy in Austin.

School breaks up soon and the kids are counting down to there 12 weeks of freedom, I am not sure I am counting down, but it will be nice not to have such early mornings.

Allan and I are signing up for the San Antonio marathon in November, our next goal and since my dad bought my a shiny new bike for my birthday, i am tempted to try a triathlon..the rookie one is this weekend, so not that one..but I will start looking and training.

Allan has had to pop to the UK for work and is bringing home a load of Cara clothes..lucky Allan, but also we are watching that volcano as well..it seems to be rumbling..so all thoughts positively towards it waiting until he is home please. Not sure that actually makes sense, so positive thoughts to stop it spewing any ash..hopefully that is clearer for you all to know what is expected of you.

My dad is expected out this month as well, so another good reason for it to behave.

Rookie, Alex kitten was spayed today, so she is feeling under the weather, but strangely, or not, Tex was quiet all day and moped about, and did not pick up until we bought her back from the vets this afternoon. They are really very close, this huge lab puppy, who is 18 months old and small kitten..

anyway, i am going to post some pictures so you can see what has been going on and hope I have more time to keep the blog up to date.

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