Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cleaning the pool

Allan was having trouble getting the pool chemicals right, too much cyanide..being produced as a by product, so the pool shop said it most probably had not been emptied in a while, so to pump out 33% minimum...Allan decided to just empty it and then we would know and it will last for at least three years before we need to do it again.

We had already emptied the spa and now it was the turn of the pool..as you can see the boys loved this, they came home from school and played in the emptying pool. I also took a photo of Allan disassembling the filters and then he cleaned them and put them back together..it took about threes days to complete the emptying, cleaning and filling..and our water bill for that month was only $127 more than usual..not bad really.

Allan also managed to meet the neighbours at the back of us, as he heard them come into there garden mid morning...a lot of water had gone there..he went around and offered to hep them sort out there back yard...he is so kind!!!! they were OK in the end..although we did not invite them t o our Hollywood party..maybe we should have.

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