Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dad has arrived

Good morning world, it is a lovely morning here in Texas, and Ben and I are sitting on the decking enjoying the early morning..why do children get up earlier on the weekend than school of those mysteries of life!!
dad arrived yesterday, he came via Atlanta to Austin, we have had Houston, Chicago, Toronto and Minnesota( Fran if you read this, do correct me if you did not change there..getting old, poor memory).
Anyway, back to dad, he had a good journey, enjoyed the banter with the Home land security and arrived early in Austin, we went home and had a bowl of SpagBol, wine and a wander arrived the garden, before dad decided that 24 hours was enough for one day!!!
Today we are having lunch at The Saltlick , so I will post photo later of dad's first real day, he has promised to go in the pool as well, last night as Alex and Ben cooled off in the pool, yelling 'come on granddad' he had to promise he would go in the pool's of him and the boys will follow.

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