Sunday, May 16, 2010

looking after my skin

I decided to post an article on skin care, as I have had to change my routine because of the heat and I thought it might be interesting to some of you out there..if it is not, skip this and I apologise.

When I arrived in Austin, I kept up my same skin care regime, and it did not take long for me to realise this was not working as I had spots popping up all the time, and I was determined to work this out. One day I just walked up to a stranger in the skincare aisle of HEB, and asked the question..'How do you look after your skin, because my skin is not reacting the same way as it did in England?'....and I got two excellent pieces of advice..first only use a moisturiser that has a Sun protection factor in it, so you are not putting any other sunscreen on your face..which might not be designed for faces specifically..and use Toner many times in a day to remove the sheen from all the heat, humidity, that will happen every time you walk outside. the toner trick is a good one, and I do not need to use it in the winter, which is not as hot and is mild in the mornings and evenings, but by now I am already wading through the toner, and I have found it helps keep the skin much happier..

Well I hope this article is of some interest, it is a new concept for me to post things that are different in this way, I usually keep the posts about the family or visitors, but thought it might be of some interest to read differences in life from UK to TX..anyway, let me know in the comments section and I can come up with lots of challenges we have over had to overcome from schooling, buying cars, how cars are taxed/insured, medical situations, food names, well just loads of let me know if that is of interest.

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Abi said...

It's definitely of interest, love hearing about your exploits x