Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ben's school trip to Austin zoo

Yesterday, may 11th I helped the first grade teacher, Mrs Higgins with Ben's class on a field trip to Austin Zoo, it was fun and quiet a few parents came, so it was not difficult to enjoy it.
The day was very warm, with temperatures in the 80f, and humid which makes it more challenging when you have a slight cold like me, hey ho.

The Zoo was not large and not at all fancy, but it held the childrens interest for the day, we also went on a train ride, which was rather strange , as it took us past no animals at all and had cut out Aliens and space ships..which really did the zoo no favours in my mind. I think at Christmas it is lit, as there were strings of lights everywhere, but it just look very tired and sad on that train ride...not sure i will be rushing to take visitors there, although I would take Alex so he can see the animals, as he will not be going there on a school field trip..tomorrow I am going with Alex class to the Texas state's and thoughts to follow soon on that school trip.

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