Tuesday, May 5, 2009

we are still here!!!

I thought since I had not updated the blog for a while, I would start with the weather, as it is sooooo nice to be warm/hot all the time. we are not bored of it yet. This is for this week, and I will have to confess to turning the aircon on now, we try and keep the house cool with blinds, fans and not leaving doors open, but the time has come when the AirCon unit is needed.

The children and i went to breakfast at IHOP on Sunday which was fun, I would not want to go often but they do so love it. IHOP (Internation House Of Pancakes) is open 24 hours a day all year round, it never closes!!!, we then went of to Zilker park to throw sticks for Tex in to Town Lake and let Alex and Ben swim in Barton Creek, the rest of us were happy to paddle/or wade.

I have promised we will go down next saturday and go out on the kayaks, we will see if Tex is steady to boats!!! we are going to take apicnic and spend the day down there.

Sunday is Mothering Sunday car and I are off to see Cinderella at the Austin Ballet with Diana and her two little princesses, which will be fun, we are at the matinee performence, i will update you after we have been.

Jack turns 15 tomorrow so we are gearing up for that at the moment as well.... it will involve a lot of steak i can assure you. We are off to a steak house for tea with Jo and Alan, John, Diana and the princesses, so tomorrow night jack will get his 20oz steak he enjoys, followed by birthday cake galore.

School is nearly over for this year, so we are having all the end of term things happening, field and track event is on Thursday, they are creating T-shirts this week, I will try and keep you updated on there activities as well.

allan took the boys to camp mabry a few weeks ago, where they had Apache helo landing and taking off, live reinactments of the war, so Alex and ben are now into digging trenches and trying to make Shell craters in the back yard...so much fun..it is good we are short of rain and the ground is rock hard.

well i must get on with the day, more update will flow now

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