Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers day

Today has been broken down into segments really, first of all I had family time with breakfast in bed, some lovely presents and cards and cuddles from my kids, then we went off for brunch with Diana and her troops, then just the girls went off to see Cinderella at the Long Centre, then back for a barbecue to diana with all the menfolk as well.

So here are some photo's from today.

The end of the day at Diana's

At the ballet, car is modeling Sammy's new ballerina skirt!!

Just before we went in to the ballet we walked around down at Zilker and watched the kids in the fountain. This is Diana and I, and then some of us all.

We had Brunch first so here are some picture for you from that part of the day.

So there was mothers day...very hectic in one way but actually relaxing and very enjoyable. It was lovely to have the children all around be with friends and not be rushing places. Allan being absent was sad, but will make his return all the more enjoyable.

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