Monday, May 18, 2009

Jack's paintball birthday bash

Allan , John and Cara were on one team and Jack and his mates were the other... they had 6 people, the oldies had 3..... guess who kept the younger ones decided they needed to do some swoping around, it is not good for moral for people 3x your age to be winning!!!!
Cara and John geared up and ready to kick anatomy

I very sensibly was at home looking after Alex and Ben, Sammy and Beth, but did supply loads of snacks and dutifully they ate them for me.

Breaks and discussing tactic is important..... especially if you are hurting...why do they like paintball?

The birthday boy himself, he bought himself this paint balling jersey, so I am assuming they are going to go again....
When I rang to book it, we discussed age limits( much younger here, they had an 8 year old on there team sometimes and that just is not allowed in UK...same with head shots not allowed in UK, but it is here!!!) and the subject of Cara came up, and the fact she had been a marshal at paint balling for one of her weekend jobs in UK, and they have decided to call there Referees marshals now, and Cara might have a summer job!!!!

Anyway, a good time was had by all, the washing machine has coped with the clothes /paint etc this morning, so all in well in this house.

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