Friday, May 8, 2009

Ben's field and track day

This Alex watching a karate demonstration put on for the older children, who his class is 'buddied' with, so they watched as well. While I was watching Alex did not notice me, he was watching intently as he was shown how to take an opponent down, hold him down and fight off any attempt to hurt him!! I will let you know how well Ben's fairs with this information Alex now has!!!! ER might be seeeing more of us soon.....

Ben loving the slide

Alex did this yesterday and loved it, no different with ben and his class...a water spray bottle and a blind simple but such fun.

A sack race with a difference, it was called finding Nemo....

This was called Hunting for least it did not involve water, they had time to dry off a bit..noit that they cared.
back getting wet again!! the way the kids like it.

A fun day was had by kinder and 1st grade, the fun of changing them afterward then followed. never easy when they are excited and damp, clothes just do not come of easily when wet and dry ones do not go on well to damp skin...hey ho, lots of laughing happened, so all was well.


Abi said...

Can really see Allan in the picture of Alex, he's like a miniature!

Tamzin Jane Cochrane said...

Do you mean the pensive look!!!!