Friday, May 8, 2009

Track and field day for Alex

This track and field day for Alex..more of a sports day for UK, with a lot more fun!!! As you can see Ben is out and about as well, the Kinder classes went around and watched their 'buddies' do Track and field, so they knew what to expect today, I am off to watch ben any minute!!

This is Alex relaxing!! after doing half a circuit of activities, the got a 20 minute break out of the sun on the basketball court, where refreshments and snacks were served. this is also the place Alex lost his water bottle...must see if I can find it today.

This si the missing water bottle....Alex after the slide, having a drink, although it looks overcast, the temperature was in the 90's and the humidity was up in the high 80's, so it was very hot, the UV rating was 'extreme'

One of the activities, you had to stop your team mates from getting you on the legs!! fun

This activities you did with a partner, they wore a blindfold and you directed them, as you can see they have a bottle full of water to squirt!! soooo much noise came from the kids with this activity. I can see this being palyed at home, not good for spectating parents...water was going everywhere.

well I must dash to Bens event now..more photo's later.

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