Sunday, April 12, 2009

friends at the barbecue

I am not sure where Cara is about to deposit said child, maybe lucky we don't have a pool yet.
Boys and their toys... Nerf gun assembly line!!!!
Mother and daughter decorating cookies
The greatest cookie makers of all time... today it was red and white cookies with Alex name on, as he requested, same as his cake actually, which he helpped ice.
Our neighbours do come to our parties... This lets us make more noise!!
Our egg hunt hosts of the morning.... Thank you
"Ahh a Nerf gun, we will help you Alex, let us look" dad's so predictable !!!!

Alex had no trouble blowing out the candles, I had to light them again so everybody (well children) could them blow them out as well!!
Chief Griller ( looking very posed) and his adoring wife ( looking very stern!!)
boy can they talk!!! What a great time we had, fantastic weather, children all playing in and out on Alex's new toys, wine flowing and food a plenty. a very nice way to spend the afternoon.
A huge thank you needs to go to Cara and Jack who tidied it all up after wards. I think Jack was particularly impressed with the confetti eggs Diana bought, real egg shells, dyed and filled with confetti that you smashed over peoples heads, so the shell and confetti went every where. He swept it all up...... took him a very long time. Jack the kids loved them and at the time... that was all that mattered. It was your brothers party!!!!

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