Sunday, April 12, 2009

What a day, my red head turns 8

These are the Peeps that turn up at every occasion possible, marshmallow covered in a sugar coating, the kids love them!!!
Instead of decorating loads of cookies, what I did was put out the cookies and icing and let the kids decorate as and when they wanted to eat them. I think it is safe to say more icing was put on than if I had iced them!!! some hyper children in our neighbour hood tonight.
Birthday boy just before he launched inand opened his presents, the calm before the storm with out a doubt

The Easter egg hunt, Diana had hidden them and we took all the kids up to there house, it is only 5 doors away, although Cara and Jack managed to restrain themselves and did not hunt for the eggs, but did help when asked by eager youngsters.

I can't believe it, but I was awake before Alex's this morning, waiting for him to come running in. He has had a busy weekend as he had a birthday sleep over on Friday night into Saturday because his birthday fell on Easter Sunday. He was at a friends house sleeping over on Thursday as there was no school on Friday- not known as Good Friday here and there is school tomorrow!! No Easter Monday for us( well actually ARM does close for the British holiday weekend, so Allan is off!!!)
Then today we started early opening presents, Alex had requested breakfast In bed, so dually did that, followed by an Easter egg hunt at Diana and John's abode, then back home to get ready for a barbecue with friends popping in from 3pm until 6pm.

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