Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Off to the beach..

The water was so warm, it was gorgeous..it was the first time for us to play and swim in the gulf of mexico..and we loved it. the sand was very soft, we were on Pardre island..the top of it, also called Mustang island. we got there by driving over a series of islands with roads, and then a short ferry ride, which was fun..we spent a few hours on the beach and had a lot of fun. we literally drove onto the beach and parked, got out and played..jack had an infected toe, so he did not go in the sea, but we did, i did not put my costume on..but should have ..i was soaked by the end and had to change for the journey home.

the boys are now desperate to go back and enjoy the coast a lot more..we will look into that, it was a lot of fun..

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