Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bens actual birthday

This was at 0630 on a school day, so time was not on our side, but we managed to get his presents opened and send him off to school with a full tummy of pancakes...i had agreed on Saturday I would cook him bacon and eggs and he could eat in bed...the requests of a seven year you can see he is very excited..i think the whole trip and much fewer presents was great, we had time and he was not over whelmed. Other people had co-ordinated with his present so he ended up with 5 games to play...a very thrilled little boy.

we put the normal sweets out and I had iced a load of cookies to take in to his class with all thier names on..once more a request of a seven year old..very demanding these seven year olds..lets hope he improves!!!!!

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Alison said...

Hello there

I had a rare moment to look at your blog and I can't see any of the pictures anymore - am I being thick?!
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