Sunday, November 8, 2009


So once again Halloween has come around..we know it has been coming as the shops, banks, schools, houses, stores have all been decorated since the start of is still a surprise to me how many people decorate up for year i will be more organised with our new home..but this year they were lucky i remembered to put out pumpkins and stickers in the window and my flag...they all went up on the 31st...very poor I know.

now they are decorating for thanksgiving...I am far too far behind!!!!

As you can see Allan dressed up again, and took teh children around the neighbour hood, He went with some friends, Will, Steve and Matt with there children so it was a large noisy group that went should see the candy that came back.

Victoria and I stayed at home and welcomed the trick or treaters to our door, we sat in the door way with it open, I tried to remember to take photo's but it actually depends how quickly they come...once again an excellent turn out..

This is Alex with his bag of candy...absolutely obscene really..but as you can see the kids all thought this was great..

the weather was great for them again, they all came back so happy I ended up offering to let loads of kids sleep over, so in the morning my house had 10 people in it..i might have to confess the two adults had drunk slightly more than is good to deal with that many kids...but waffles did the trick...and before you know it, they are gone and although we had a waffle syrup panick, but our wonderful neighbours came to our rescue..and all children ate and ate and ate...waffles are a good one to make as my waffle maker does 6 at a time..and my mixer did a huge batch...we worked as a team that morning..hangover aside.

i have taken a sample of pictures for you to see what turns up at my door..and all ages for was a fun night...enjoy

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