Tuesday, November 24, 2009

we are moved and very happy

I will try and upload photo's for you in the next few days..so you can see our new home.

the move has gone well and we seem to all be enjoying the new house and really quiet relaxed considering all the moving and hunting for things..because life has to go on..homework, washing of clothes...everyone seems really happy.

we are now going in to Thanksgiving holiday, starting today when teh boys get in from school..I am hosting it this year...seems to me to be food, alcohol, friends, with extra dollops of food and alcohol..the only things we will be missing(or not missing!) is the American football which seems to be also a tradition of the holiday.

Christmas is now everywhere, Thanks giving weekend is the start of most people to put up there Christmas tree, although gardens are already being decorated and illuminated big time, it will just increase from now on..once again will try and post some photos for you.

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