Sunday, October 11, 2009

What are koosies

These are koosies, they allow you to have cold beers or soda's when the air temperature all year would not allow that to happen, and they keep your hands warm, because the bottle or can temperature is way too low for you to hold..or is your body temperature higher so the cans/bottles feel colder..

Allan kindly went and got himself a beer to show how they would look, and then drank it..the things he has to do for my blog!!!
we have more koosies since this photo, Allan came home with two more yesterday from the Vets Open House day!!! my collection is increasing


Abi said...

It all makes sense now. Alan, I really appreciate your sacrifice just to educate me on Koosies! Thank you.

Kim said...

I absolutely love your blog! This has me laughing so hard. :)

Kim (an American who used to live in Berkshire!!!)