Sunday, October 11, 2009

2009 marathon for kids

Saturday October 3rd......So off we went to this years marathon for kids, they enjoyed doing it last year and it seems like a good idea to get them out there and walking. they are already at 18 miles, and we have until February to achieve the 26.2 miles. we were in the first group and right at the front, so off they went, ran really well and got there place mats on eating healthily, water bottles and had big smiles on there faces.

They had a great time, and we had promised them breakfast at IHOP after wards, so that is where we went.... Cara it was the one you made dad and i walk to after running the Austin marathon in February this year, so now you don't have to feel guilty about using their car park..if you were...we of course have fond memories of walking all that way after running 26.2 miles..i think there is many more years mileage out of that story!!!!!!

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Abi said...

Can't believe that it's a year since the last one, GO BOYS!!!!