Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bens alphabet day

Ben's first grade classes all had an alphabet day last week, they had to dress up with their letter which had been assigned the week before so us parents had time to create. This is Ben's outfit, I used T-shirt markers on his shorts and T-shirt transfer for his top. I had to go on the web and pull up pictures of things beginning with E. A big thank you to Abi who helpped me all the way from UK to texas, my technical support!!!
As a family we had put together a list of things during the week, it had become a tea time activity..what can have a picture of that begins with E..
The results you can just make out..not sure why the photo is so camera skills have always been dodgy!!

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Abi said...

Glad to help, end result looks brilliant and what a gorgeous young model you have there!!