Monday, January 10, 2011

Still on day 2

So I named the last post day 2, when it clearly was day 1.. I was going to write more and bring you all upto date to today, but then remembered my phone is not always good at posting long posts and photos' so I posted .. So after Southfork we headed on towards Little Rock, AR, but the weather just kept deteriorating, so I rang our hotel in Little Rock and canceled it , and we stopped at Sulphur Springs.. A small town that had next to no restaurants open and is a dry town.. No alcohol for us last night. We ate at a place called Furrs.. Not great and they were closing at 7pm because of the weather.. The cinema was also closed , so back to our room, Allan watched The Fugitive and I crafted.. Need to make lots of swaps for Leadership in Nashville on Thursday and Friday .. A relaxing evening. , which I am sure a nice glass of wine would have added to.. But hey, we were warm and safe. The amount if Cars of the road was amazing. Driving in these conditions is not what they are use to. The cold front has past through and we now have the Arctic front coming for the next 36 hours. Atlanta airport is closed, what a great time to travel.

So we are behind, but happy, heading for Little Rock and the Capitol building, then onto Memphis tonight, hoping to visit Graceland tomorrow..home of Elvis

I wonder if I will be canceling that reservation and we end up somewhere else. As long as I am in Nashville by Wednesday night all will be good. And if I am lucky we will get there Wednesday afternoon to go around that Capitol building.

I am off to watch the snow and ice called a road.

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Abi said...

Sulphur Springs sounds like a real fun place!

Hope remainder of your journey gets you to leadership in good time Hugs xxx