Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas and New year

This is the tree in the family room, the kids decorate this tree each year.. It gas the Disney ornaments that I collected from when Cara was born.. And this year Cara went to Disney land California , and gave Alex and Ben a new one for the collection.

This is the tree all the presents go under.. And Cara gave me a new ornament for my tree also from Disney.. It was Mickey's head outline made of small jingle bells.. Very nice indeed. This tree is the memory tree, it has the ornaments the kids have made each year, ones from when we go traveling and presents to me from family and friends..

This is our tree on the decking, our Texas tree, when I go and do the Tourist thing with guests I buy one, and each year I have been given the Christmas ornament from the Capitol building by friends, so this is our Texas tree now, the little two helped me put all the baubles on. The chocolate fountain are for our New years eve party.

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