Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 3, memphis TN

We arrived safely and had a good nights sleep, then we started day 3 walking, and kept walking all day. It was very cold ( actually as I write this it is -1F or -18 C damn cold for us, we have become soft while living in Austin) but we loved it, and walking was fun. The wind was bitter and there was not many people around, this is inclement weather for the southern states as well, and cafes and places were closed, but we found somewhere to have breakfast and walked by the Mississippi, discovered the Graceland's is closed on a Tuesday, Mud Island is closed for the winter and that we can adapt to what we can do very well.
Allan and I set off to walk to the Rock and Soul Museum, had a Starbucks along the way, trying to buy the Memphis mug, which was sold out ( the little Rock Starbucks said they did not do a Little Rock bought a Starbucks mug and wrote little rock on the base with the date!!! I will not be thwarted in my quest for mugs!!)
The museum was amazing, really really good, so if any of you come to Memphis, you have to visit it,  we loved it and learnt a lot, enjoyed the history and music.

was about to upload some photo's, and none there..I just uploaded and computers so will post this and go and try to find them..what this space

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