Monday, September 21, 2009

Our weekend

we have had a lovely family weekend with not a lot of stress which is great, I was at a craft convention on Friday and Saturday with a friend, Jo Ann, which we enjoyed, it was down at San Marcos. Allan collected both sets of children on Friday from school, and Jo Ann eldest Bonnie (3rd grade like Alex), was very impressed that he cooked fresh chocolate chip cookies when they got in from school...i will not ruin her image of him by telling her truth...she has made her dad feel quiet inferior..Jo Ann and I are still, got to love them.
The kids had homework over the weekend which they did with out too much stress and they all enjoyed their games consoles..which are banded from Monday to Thursday way to focus them during the week.
We enjoyed a leisurely time with lots of meals, walks and slobbing out, the weather was wonderful and it was one of those weekends that you start the week feeling like you actually had a weekend of relaxation.
Cara is settled in to Uni curtsy of Alison, so thank you very much Alison...i think she is having lots of fun getting to know her new flat mates and the reality of lessons I think starts tomorrow, but not actually sure...just letting her roll..this is her time to branch out and have some freedom in a very different the all American way...Go Cara ...
next weekend is the Pecan festival down town, the following weekend is ACL..Austin City limits, which i am going to with a friend, and Alex and Bens launch of the Marathon for Kids..all go as normal..Austin is great for things going on and now we are cooling down..many more things are happening.

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