Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Old Pecan Street festival

So off we went to the Old pecan street festival, it is help twice a year to raise money for 6th street regeneration. 6th street is in the heart of down town and when any of you visit us, I can guarantee you will visit 6th is alive during the day but amazing at night, so much live music, restaurants, clubs, bars etc. Now 6th street use to be Pecan street so that is why the festival is called what it is.

It is a mass of local artists who sell there wares, promote themselves and is a fun family time during the day and i would say an amazing event in the runs from 10am until 11pm..I have not been at night so will have to sample that next spring for you.

I have tried to take photo's of a variety of stalls and us just to give you an idea. lots of alcohol and food flowing, live music on 5 different stages, and soda galore.

We tried to be green, so went Downtown by bus, it was easy and fun , the younger boys enjoyed the ride!!

They had a Play Station 3 trailer, which my boys managed to find, and were captivated by the games, noise and i was happy as I got given a free tote bag..who cars that is says play station on it. I was also on the look out for koosies,, as I am collecting them for our cans and bottles, I got two free ones my collection is growing..


Abi said...

Call me naive, but what on earth is a Koosie??? It looks amazing, would love to see somrthing like that.

Tamzin Cochrane said...

I will post a picture of my koosies for you.....can't have you naive now can we...