Saturday, September 19, 2009

jacks school Pep Rally

So last Saturday, we went of to Jacks school for the pep was basically a money grabbing opportunity for all the clubs at school..and an opportunity to show off the Band,the colour guard, the cheerleaders and the Silver stars.. ( the ultimate cheer leaders, with a big dose of gymnastics thrown in with a high energy dance routine...uber fit, bendy and coordinated!!! for those of you who do not know)

This is Alex and Ben sitting front row to watch the band do the finale, in the front is the colour guard, they march with the band where ever they go and twirl the batons and generally help the band look more....not sure what to say actually..when i have watched a full performance, I will update you then.

this is the cheer leaders, very difficult t9o catch them sorry for the quality..this is teh best of the bunch..luckily the children do not rely on my photography skills to put food on the table!!

This is the Silver Stars..far fewer of them, this year they will be going to the championships in Hawaii...

A and B got there face painted...this was the money raiser for the theatre group...

this is the hallways. full of people wanting your money, I had donated a load of brownies to the 2012 Booster group..this is the club that is already arranging the graduation party for Jacks year, he is know as the class of i am helping with that..everyone leaves the is an all nighter, with a fridges for college etc...apparently it is a big deal!! we will be finding out.

The other people who got a special appearance in the hall was the Bowie football team..American football..they were all dolled up in there kit..and everyone was excited to see them...hmmmm

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