Saturday, September 19, 2009

it finally rained

it rained, finally after hardly any rain for 24 months, it poured down...and the kids loved it. a few roads had to close due to the debris that came across them..but I don't think anyone minded.. The temperatures dropped as well down to the 70's which was also a wonderful break from our summer heat, for about three days we had good rain and our temperatures were about 11f below normal, we did not mind, the 70's are a great temperature.

As you can see, the boys played outside in it , we sat on the covered patio and is always an amazing sight, the rain, the storms..they seem to do them with such vigour here..nothing in half measures.

the garden loved the soaking it got and it meant we did not have to have the sprinklers on, although the rain was not enough to stop the current water restrictions we have in place...restaurants are not allowed to just bring water to the tables( normally they would) they have to wait to be asked by the customer for water. we can only use our sprinklers one a week now, so in little ways you notice the lack of water..plants dieing is a good indication..just so hot.

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