Thursday, September 25, 2008

Our new home

We are now settled and life is ticking over, we are enjoying doing normal chores and not unpacking boxes. The house is looking more organized and I am starting to have time for extra activities like writing a blog- who would have thought I would every try a blog!! I have posted pictures of the boys playroom, the family room, drawing room, my craft room( or Den as I do let Allan have a very small part of the room and the kitchen


Abi said...

Congratulations on your brand new blog, who would have thought it? I must have been a good influence on you somehow! Love the pictures, and good to know you will be thinking of us all over here each time you write. x

Kim Styles said...

Lovely pictures and it is interesting to see familiar furniture on the other side of the world. I still do not know anything about blogging or what the word blog is a synonym for, but I just bash on regardless.

Bev said...

You've obvioulsy got waaaay too much time on your hands now Tamzin!!
It's great to see the pics, it all looks strangely familiar, it must be the furniture.
I've saved your blog to my favourites and will be checking on Y'all regularly!
Love & best wishes to all xxxxx

Tamzin Jane Cochrane said...

It is great to have the furniture, living on air beds was an interesting time for us all!! It is fun to see the same furniture in different houses, it also lets you play around with your furniture, which i enjoy. Making a home is always fun, rearranging it is great now I have more time