Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Our house warming in Austin

This was the house warming in Austin, I made some invitations and Allan and I went around and invited the neighbours (sorry neighbors). Many came and they then introduced themselves to each other. I feel I have done a community service now. Fun was had by all, some even came by them selves and made excuses for their partners, who they then rung up and invited along. It was a lot of fun - Allan even cooked on the dreaded BBQ ( sorry BBQ on the grill- I am getting the hang of local lingo, honest). Please note that the teenagers did not mix with us, they stayed around by our basketball hoop, unless they wanted food, then we saw them! We did it as an open house from 4pm until 9pm and it worked well, and I have now already started the New Years eve party rules so they are not surprised by the black tie, I have said I will accept black tie and shorts, being a reasonable sort of girl, but all the woman are VERY determined to glam up, the only way! We do not get to be gorgeous and glamorous enough. Allan please note a new dress is a must. I was just checking I had spelt gorgeous correctly and the definition is "richly coloured; splendid, dazzling" that works for me.


Kim Styles said...

We are so pleased you are all so well received there in Austin and obviously happy. What nice naybors u have. I see one cracking looking lady has a pair of crutches handy (in the photo). I wonder what she was expecting to happen!!

Tamzin Jane Cochrane said...

Bonnie had the crutches, she turned up with her leg in plaster, but still wanted to come along, so a chair was found and jack did us proud by making sure he she had drinks etc( when he wasn't at the basket ball hoop)

Cara said...

And i would just like to let everyone know, when mum says she is getting the lingo, she is telling the truth. I was on the phone to her the other day and she casually said she had bought "chips and dip" for the house warming... i quickily reminded her that we english people call them crisps, not chips =) im glad y'all had such a good time! Love to everyone, see you soon xxxxx