Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dino day at Zilker Botanical gardens

At the moment they have an exhibition on dinosaurs which was of huge interest to Alex and Ben so we took them down there when it first opened. a great day was had by all, lots of dinosaurs were seen around the gardens and after wards we went to Barton Springs pool, across the road to have a nice cool dip. Barton Springs in naturally filled and stays a constant temperature of 68 F all year round, it is very beautiful and definitely a place to visit what ever time of year you visit.


Cara said...

Well its good you are all enjoying the time out in the sunshine. you guys all look great, although i see you have managed to get away with not putting a picture of yourself on there. i see ben now has spongebob squarepants swimming trunks. well i'll see you all soon. love you! xxx

Abi said...

I totally agree with Cara, those of you that we see lok great, but someone is missing. Get your photo on, if I can do it you can! x

Tamzin Jane Cochrane said...

Hope you two have noticed the photo of me, had to do that on the camera timer and leap in front of it as i had placed it on the mantlepiece, no mean feat!!!!