Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Alexanders trip to Marble Falls

Alex went away with the school for an adventure camp trip, he had a blast and now wants to do more camps where he stays over night.

Bens birthday

we put up an arch of balloons in halo colours of purple, green and black..it did look spectacular..Jack not so keen to blow up 250 balloons

Cara arrived straight from working a night shift, to give Ben his present before school

I had lunch with Ben at school, he is wearing the T-shirt Alex made him for his birthday..Ben is a ketchup king
we had a fun few days for Ben's birthday, it landed on a Thursday, so that night we had a few special people over for a birthday tea of Tortallini, Ben's choice. so it was a late night, the following day Ben had a party at Blazer Tag, with lots of his friends, and then 11 stayed over that night..madness must be my middle name, and then on the Saturday morning once everyone had had breakfast and left Ben opened all his presents and had a fun weekend enjoying them.
Ben requested a Halo cake..so this is my creation

Ben opening his present from his Granny...it was lego..his granny knows what he loves ( thanks mum for making it special)

Niagara Falls

what a fun day, we caught a coach to Canada, which took about 45 minutes, went through customs and then got off the coach in the town of Niagara, walked through it, it is very alive and enjoyable to see, great for people watching. we all had such fun, so much we missed our bus home, had to run across the bridge back to America, so can now say we have walked from Canada to America..missed our bus and had to get a VERY expensive taxi back to the hotel!! but laughter was definitly part of the day.

Since we are from Texas and are in the middle of a major drought, the mist from the falls was delightful. The cold weather was fun as Cara and I got to wear coats and long trousers and hats and gloves, they do not see the light of day normally,

this is in the Hard Rock cafe, Cara loved it, she laughed so much..Cara is collecting all the t-shirts..


Alison trying on Cara shoes..she has never looked so tall

Cara enjoying a hotel breakfast, she loves buffet breakfasts..we were in the Hyatt

me in front of city hall, where part of Ghostbusters was filmed

and my gorgeous daughter in front of city hall
Cara and I in Buffalo with Alison...so much fun
the tree house Allan build this summer, covered in balloons and kids

we made planes from flowers and decorated the decking
Jo's birthday cake
guess who's birthday cake
the table was laid as a runway, and laden with food
the party favours, hand made and full off orange and turquoise jelly bellies
our Friend Paul, painted this picture

my man and me

us ladies enjoying a chat plus wine
the birthday boy
Allan had a birthday party to celebrate his 44th birthday, I did a joint one with our friend Jo, the theme was orange and turquoise and aviation. The house looked great, we held the party outside mainly, and everyone got into the spirit of the event.
Jack on Halloween, he went to school as Brave heart in his full kilt outfit

Jack and Tabby, at Allan's birthday party

what have we been doing

hello all, it has been far too long since i posted, but life has been busy and not always in a productive way, so blogging does not always happen.
Allan has been abroad again on business, UK and France, Cara and i went of to Buffalo NY, for a long weekend to see Alison who flew in for work. We had a great time, visited Canada, Niagara falls, drank, ate and loved being with Alison. i post pictures of our time there.
Alex has been busy with soccer and his team won every match this season, but when they went to Regionals, they were not so lucky, we are very proud of them all.
Benjamin has been enjoying chess, as has Alex, they love competitions and their weekly classes, and now want 1 to 1 training, so i can see that happening after Christmas. They are also going to start karate, lots more running around the place.
Jack has a part time job, is in his final year at school and is loving his weekly Marine training sessions.
Cara has her own apartment and lives not far from us now. but is enjoying independence, although I am sure I see more of her now she does not live here!!