Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Niagara Falls

what a fun day, we caught a coach to Canada, which took about 45 minutes, went through customs and then got off the coach in the town of Niagara, walked through it, it is very alive and enjoyable to see, great for people watching. we all had such fun, so much we missed our bus home, had to run across the bridge back to America, so can now say we have walked from Canada to America..missed our bus and had to get a VERY expensive taxi back to the hotel!! but laughter was definitly part of the day.

Since we are from Texas and are in the middle of a major drought, the mist from the falls was delightful. The cold weather was fun as Cara and I got to wear coats and long trousers and hats and gloves, they do not see the light of day normally,

this is in the Hard Rock cafe, Cara loved it, she laughed so much..Cara is collecting all the t-shirts..

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