Tuesday, November 29, 2011

what have we been doing

hello all, it has been far too long since i posted, but life has been busy and not always in a productive way, so blogging does not always happen.
Allan has been abroad again on business, UK and France, Cara and i went of to Buffalo NY, for a long weekend to see Alison who flew in for work. We had a great time, visited Canada, Niagara falls, drank, ate and loved being with Alison. i post pictures of our time there.
Alex has been busy with soccer and his team won every match this season, but when they went to Regionals, they were not so lucky, we are very proud of them all.
Benjamin has been enjoying chess, as has Alex, they love competitions and their weekly classes, and now want 1 to 1 training, so i can see that happening after Christmas. They are also going to start karate, lots more running around the place.
Jack has a part time job, is in his final year at school and is loving his weekly Marine training sessions.
Cara has her own apartment and lives not far from us now. but is enjoying independence, although I am sure I see more of her now she does not live here!!

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