Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bens birthday

we put up an arch of balloons in halo colours of purple, green and black..it did look spectacular..Jack not so keen to blow up 250 balloons

Cara arrived straight from working a night shift, to give Ben his present before school

I had lunch with Ben at school, he is wearing the T-shirt Alex made him for his birthday..Ben is a ketchup king
we had a fun few days for Ben's birthday, it landed on a Thursday, so that night we had a few special people over for a birthday tea of Tortallini, Ben's choice. so it was a late night, the following day Ben had a party at Blazer Tag, with lots of his friends, and then 11 stayed over that night..madness must be my middle name, and then on the Saturday morning once everyone had had breakfast and left Ben opened all his presents and had a fun weekend enjoying them.
Ben requested a Halo cake..so this is my creation

Ben opening his present from his Granny...it was lego..his granny knows what he loves ( thanks mum for making it special)

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