Sunday, July 17, 2011

We have been on a road trip

Hello all, we have been away on a  roadtrip again. This time we drove to Salt Lake city, in Utah. The mileage is about 1500 miles each way, and getting here we did two 12 hour days, driving to Santa Fe, in New Mexico the first day and all the way to SLC the next. i leave to get us home today, but without Allan as he has to fly on business to the South of France. So the boys and I are driving home over 3 days, today i will drive to Denver and Monday to Amarillo and then home to Jack and the pets on Tuesday. One reason, and the main reason we are going home that route is because I will cross the Rockies and Alex is desperate for us to do that. He has been since we got here, and although he has ahd sightings of him the Rockies and Colorado are one and  the same. So we will have three days of 500 miles a day, about 8 hour drivings.
We are as you know trying to visit all 50 States and visit there Capitol buildings, so Santa Fe is the capital of NM, and SLC is the capital of UT and Denver is the capital of CO, so this trip we have ticked off ( and in America you do not tick, you check) ..well by mid-morning Monday we will, as we will have walked around the Capitol.

What have we been doing here in UT ..well I have been at the Stampin'Up convention and Allan and the boys have been sight seeing. So i will blog smaller posts with photo's now so you can see some of the things we have all been doing. But the high light, and I think I can say for all of us, was that I won he  Stampin' Up competition to have my craft room made over by Stampin' Up co-founder and CEO Shelli Gardner with her two daughters. I do not have the full details yet, but I will keep you all in the loop about this amazing prize.

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