Sunday, July 17, 2011

Still in santa Fe

My boys..but you are meant to be looking at the huge planters...I want some that size!

My boys..

isn't this brass works beuatiful

This is the boys and i helping the boys and girls of days past play pulling..
We had fun going around the Capitol, the boys run off some energy..Allan and I did not need too as we had gotten up early and run 3 miles that day already. So meandering around the building was fine for us. I of course got my Capitol building Christmas decoration, so my Texas tree on the decking this Christmas will have more decorations...and of course I am hoping I will have the shot gun cartridge lights done as well. Only been waiting 2 years. I have the cartridges. I have the lights, now I need allan to make them work. I of course could buy them, but this seemed more sensible to make them. I am prodding him along now so i might have them who knows


Allan said...

Actually I've lost the cartridges!

Tamzin Cochrane said...

I have them safe and sound, will have them waiting for you when you return from France my so hopeful now :-)