Sunday, July 17, 2011

still journeying along ( is that a word!)so

So many interesting rocks in Utah, lots of flat land with rocks sticking up, they are spectacular to look at

Just to show we have now made it to Utah..did i show the NM or CO ones??

this was a cafe/shop , so funny..not sure you should disface nature, but

more rock formations
We made it to Utah, and the scenery changed once more, not like NM , flatter with huge rocks. You can decide they look like the game we use to play with clouds.
This was another long day, and we had started it early with a 3 mile run, and then a visit to the capital by now on the journey we are exhausted. but we made it to our hotel by 11.30pm..Allan had done all the driving, as I am driving us back now...whist i type this, evenings in hotel rooms do allow you to blog, where as life does not usually give me many spare moments.

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