Saturday, December 27, 2008

Trail of lights - Austin

I mentioned on a previous entry that we had gone down to the trail of lights, and now I have some great photo's to share with you. we went with friends and Jo is a fantastic photographer, so these are of a quality you are not to get use too!!!
It is basically a walk of about 1.2miles, in Zilker park, they close the area off to traffic and you walk on the road in the park , they have decorated the trees and put music, added extra characters and they whole experience is wonderful. Even with Alex and Ben who were tired when we took them just recovering from a cold. The temperature was cold, next to 0C, so it actually felt like Christmas, we had eaten out first at a local restaurant- Green Mesquite, which had been great, nothing fancy, ideal for children and the food was delightful - if not still large portions. Then off to the cars and to wrap ourselves up for our walk on the 'Trail of Lights'. there were thousands of people there, and they run a shuttle bus to take people there from a car park over on the other side of town. As we did not want to apy the $15 parking fee we park in the local area and walked further, but it was a lovely walk and well worth seeing. there is a 'tree' at the end ( actually it is a cone- upside down- of lights in a spiral-it is about 150feet high and you are meant to swing under neather and wish) I did this of course, with My Allan, Allan Hunter and cara so i got three wishes!!!!!

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