Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Still the road trip

We crossed the continental divide to go between Susan's home and Lisa's. We had to stay on the main highways as the wild  fires were causing havoc in Colorado this summer. When we were at Lisa's home we ahd ash dropping down on us as we sat on the decking in the evenings...so sad. it is a small community as well, so the fires hit home and hard.

Lisa nd I had girl time and the boys all went off and explored the miners museum and other museums..unfortunately they could not go on to the Air Force academy, as it was evacuated by the fires..but Alex wants to go to a summer camp there next year..as he is thinking of going to college there..he ( at the moment) wants to be in the Air Force

Yoda was a German shepherd puppy who Ben adored..Ben and animals..I expect him to be a vet..

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